Mobile App cost firstly depends on the type of app you would like to create and their requirement. Most of the time we talk to clients regarding their project. The first question that is asked is how much does it cost to make an app? Nobody can give you the exact amount without knowing the complete requirement. Factors involve in Mobile App development Cost Features and Functionality App functionality plays a major role in the total cost of mobile app development, generally from 60 to 80%. So, to build a successful application it s necessary to understand the business flow, define how the future product will streamline workflow as well as the goals it must meet. Strategic Planning & Requirement Analysis Firstly we need to plan every aspect of project. By analyzing business and competitor s business we should start our strategic planning. When anybody talks about your business, you definitely feel good, but it feels much better when they talk about your success and work. We always ready to help you to achieve great success through your business applications. Wire framing Wire framing is one of the most important aspects in mobile app development. Some of the few things we need to consider when designing UX for mobile applications like User interfaces, user interactions, micro-interactions. Mobile applications having different functionalities for different platforms. While providing the best UX across all platforms and screen size we consider all the aspect. Designing Look and feel of a Mobile app has been given utmost attention. Users generally spend 2 to 3 mints to check whether it s interesting or not. We take care about graphic image or UI, they are poor quality then users delete the app immediately from his mobile. Development In development field all the coding stuff will be done according to UI/UX design and functionality. After solidifying the mobile application design, we will create a robust architecture for further development. At the time of building mobile application we follow trident quality guidelines. Any type of bugs can lead to delay in the Go-Live stage. At this stage it should be implemented with the greater degree of care and accuracy. Cost also affected by payment Integration, Integrating 3rd party tools, Backend development, In-App Purchases, Web-Services Development, like accepting Credit Card Payments, E-wallets Testing We need to take care about when developing your business application. We should follow strict guidelines, before delivering your projects we conclude unit testing as well as quality testing we also perform automated testing if the client demands. Going live In this stage, various simultaneous actions are required targeting the different set of customers. There are lots of factors are considered, like Creative Content, SEO, Print media marketing, Social Marketing, Brand Management, as it involves various costs in order to engage with them.The application goes live and handed over to the customer, the project team ensures technical viability & deployment of the application. Maintenance & Support If project going live it does not mean that project is completed once in for all. Often clients need to add new features, upgrade UI/UX etc in accordance with feedback received from various stakeholders to engage more and more users to their app. Cost factor also associated at this stage also. We take care of after delivery support and maintenance we always provide the end-to-end solution for Mobile Application. The maintenance team provides all necessary support in terms of your Mobile App. Types of Apps There are a various type of different apps, we mention here most popular ones Basic functionality apps It means something i.e. simple and functional, like email for iPhone. Content-based apps Apps that depend on the content where the user wants to have access to, like travel guides, navigation apps, find the place and so on. Fully dynamic apps Apps to access external services, like Twitter, Facebook and so on. Utilities Apps that are purely functional.

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How much does it cost to make a mobile app

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